Why Gutters Are Needed

Why Gutters Are Needed

If you have ever wondered why some houses have gutters and other houses are without, different regional factors can come into play. Arid regions that don’t feature deciduous trees or experience very little rainfall will reduce the need for gutters on homes. However, the entire Southeastern region of the US is full of tall trees, will see plenty of annual rainfall, and experience all four distinct seasons and the conditions they create. In these areas, gutters are an absolute must!

While some builders may try to keep pricing down on a new home by not including guttering on their builds, we highly recommend that homeownersDrain Right Copper Gutters promptly add guttering to their homes once they have made the purchase. Whether it’s keeping nature’s nuisances at bay or preserving the structural integrity of your property, here are a few of the most pressing reasons why gutters are needed: 

Gutters Prevent Siding Damage

When a Southern thunderstorm opens up without warning, your gutters are responsible for water management and channel the rain flow through the downspouts to appropriate areas of the yard. Homes without a gutter system are susceptible to rainwater clogging leaves and debris clumps on the roof, then overflowing directly onto the home. 

This overflow can move into the fascia and soffit vents, and also create rot, rust, and other damage to your home’s siding and foundation. An efficient gutter system with downspouts or extensions will relocate this rainwater safely away from the home and into the yard.

Gutters Can Prevent Flooded Basements

If your property features a finished basement, gutters become even more imperative! Homeowners and families often used finished basements as mancaves or children’s playrooms with soft carpeting, TVs, gaming systems, and other valuable collectibles. 

Water can flood your basement much easier if you don’t have gutters and damage these prized pieces. Even if your home only features a crawl space, a simple gutter system will prevent rain overflow from settling around this area, seeping into your foundation, and slowly weakening your structural support.

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Keep Out Natural Nuisances with Gutters

Nature will always present unique challenges to homeowners and gutter systems can help shoo these pesky offenders away. By dispersing water effectively and reducing the presence of moisture, your gutters immediately help prevent the growth of mold or mildew on your home. Our patented GutterGlove Glove helps keep out leaves, pine needles, pollen, and small roof sand grit from shingles, and our Shur Flo Gutter Guard System effectively keeps out birds and squirrels, thereby reducing the likelihood of creatures trying to enter the home through the attic. 

Gutters Can Protect Foundations

For properties built on a slope or at the bottom of a hill, this landscaping is more susceptible to built-up rainwater around the home’s foundation that leads to structural damage, water seepage, and mold growth. Gutters can help prevent costly damage to your home’s foundation by offsetting the rainfall around your home’s unique positioning.  

Harvests Rain with Gutter Systems

An eco-friendly gutter system can harvest rainwater into tanks for gardening during dry seasons or droughts. In fact, our GutterGlove option filters over 150 inches of hourly rainfall and is the #1 choice among rainwater harvesters! With proper systems in place, rooftop rainwater harvesting is commonly used for irrigation and replenishing groundwater, as well as drinking water and domestic water in some cases.  

Serving the greater local areas of Birmingham, AL, as well as Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN, we are ready to get started on your superior Drain Right Guttering system. With residential and commercial gutter solutions available, contact our experts today to explore the fantastic options that will serve your structure with years of premium performance!