The Visual Appeal of Copper and Bronze Gutters

The Visual Appeal of Copper and Bronze Gutters

If you’ve ever driven by an attractive estate and caught a familiar gleam in the sunlight, there’s a good chance that a pristine copper or bronze gutter system provided a perfect pop to the dazzling curb appeal you observed. In addition to the reliable durability, superior functionality, and impressive longevity that copper and bronze gutters offer, there’s no denying their aesthetic properties lend an undeniable presence that uses natural light to perfection and definitely elevates the style factor!

We’ve highlighted the way that gutters contribute to the overall visual of a home or business, adding another contributing color, material, and texture within a design scheme. There’s simply an allure to these iconic metal alloys that have been used in timeless art, statutes, and structures spanning centuries, that to this day still catches the eye. Today, we are taking a deeper look at the incredible visual appeal of using copper and bronze gutters for your home:

  • Natural Beauty – Just like the pennies in our first piggy bank, copper possesses a uniquely warm, reddish-brown shade that over the years will develop a rich patina. Bronze, an alloy primarily made of copper and tin, will also experience this same phenomenon across decades. Patina is created from exposure to the natural elements, which will give your gutters a distinguished, one-of-a-kind appearance. As your home ages, the look of your copper and bronze gutters will continue to evolve in a fascinating, truly organic fashion.
  • Timeless Elegance – In our inspired interiors, the classic look of copper and bronze has been a popular material choice for lamps, faucets, candelabras, handles, hinges, doorknobs, upholstery details, and more to bring elegance and sophistication to the forefront. Harlow brushed bronze finishes add a refined yet worn character and charm to the trademark luster, which works well for a variety of designs. On a home exterior, copper and bronze gutter systems will look particularly fitting on architectural styles from traditional, historic, and rustic to modern and contemporary. Copper and bronze gutters can be fabricated in traditional half-round or more modern box-style gutters to fit the needs of any property:

Drain Right Copper Gutters Exterior Home

Copper Gutter Installation completed by Drain Right Guttering

  • Weather-Resistant Visual – Although patina is created by exposure to natural elements, both copper and bronze gutters are durable enough to withstand harsh weather without corroding or deteriorating. These materials will maintain their appearance through rain, snow, and UV exposure, making them well worth the investment. Additionally, copper and bronze require even less maintenance than other gutter materials to retain their attractive visuals! Thanks to their natural properties that inhibit the growth of mold, moss, and mildew, their metallic luster will shine blemish-free.

Bronze Aluminum Gutters

Bronze Aluminum Gutter Installation completed by Drain Right Guttering

In addition to all the striking and practical reasons to love copper and bronze gutters that we listed above, copper and bronze are both recyclable materials. If you aim to make stunning yet sustainable material choices, practice environmental responsibility, and observe green building practices, Drain Right Guttering experts can help homeowners in the greater areas of Birmingham, AL, Dalton, GA, as well as Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Knoxville, TN, find the best copper and bronze gutter options for any property.