The Benefits of Copper Guttering Systems

The Benefits of Copper Guttering Systems

With a stately appearance and tremendous durability, copper gutter systems are an extremely popular choice among our customers! In addition to beingcopper gutters from Drain Right Guttering low-maintenance and eco-friendly, copper gutters can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions with ease while diverting rainfall effectively. 

If you are not as accustomed to seeing copper gutters on homes, that’s likely because the builders in the area were looking for a cheaper quick fix. As you explore quality materials for your new build or remodel home, consider these valuable benefits of copper guttering systems:  

Retains Value Better – It’s no secret that copper gutters represent a significant investment for the average homeowner or builder. Copper gutters will cost more than other materials, and you will need to use all copper fasteners, nails, and fittings to prevent corrosion. You will also need to hire an expert installation pro who specializes in copper as installation will take longer with more soldering at joints. 

However, because all copper gutter systems must be tailored specifically to a home, this eliminates seams in the system, which cuts down on leaks. Also, your investment is worth every dollar since copper gutters can last up to 50 years before needing repair or replacement!

Lasts Longer Than Aluminum – Although aluminum is a popular rain gutter material that’s available at a cheaper price, it will wear faster than copper gutters. Copper is thicker than aluminum as a material and will not expand as much as aluminum does. For homes in extremely warm climates or climates with high-temperature variance, aluminum gutters can be compromised easier. Copper gutters will not crack or wear as easily and ultimately, the longevity of aluminum gutters on average is between 20-25 years and will not match up to copper gutter systems:

Copper Gutters from Drain Right Guttering

Impressive Curb Appeal – The versatile curb appeal and timeless aesthetic of copper gutter systems uplifts properties in a way that few other exterior materials can. The gorgeous tone and sheen of copper lend an elegance that suits high-end custom homes as perfectly and equally well as classic, basic brick homes. The beautiful metallic finish adds a dramatic and decorative flair for an instant, easy style upgrade. We absolutely love the way our copper gutters complement and pop against the dark blue siding on this inviting home:

Blue siding and copper gutters on home - Drain Right Guttering

When you’re ready to explore superior copper gutter systems for your residential and commercial gutter solutions, contact our experts today! Drain Right Guttering serves the greater local areas of Birmingham, AL, as well as Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN, and can help you complete your new build with performance you can count on.